Summer Camp FAQs

Summer Camp F.A.Q.

Q. When does registration close for Summer Camp?
A. Registration for each session closes two weeks before the start of the session.

Session Registration closes
Session 1 5/31/20
Session 2 6/7/20
Session 3 6/14/20
Session 4 6/21/20

Q. How do you register for Summer Camp?
A. All registration is done online at:

Q. When does registration open for Summer Camp?
A. Registration for Summer Camp opens September 1st.

Q. Who can register campers for Lakeview?
A. Only parents or legal guardians can register campers for Summer Camp because it is required that they sign the waivers and permissions.

Q. What should I do if I am locked out of my registration account?
A. If you have forgotten your password you can follow the links on the registration page and directions will be sent to your email. If you have forgotten your username or are not able to sign in for any other reason please email Peggy Jordan at Please do not make another account if you already have one.

Q. Is my camper able to request a cabin mate?
A. We make every effort to place campers with requested cabin mates. We set up cabins by age and gender. Cabin mate request must be in the same age level. Cabin mate requests are made during registration. Both campers need to request to be in the same cabin. Requests made less than two weeks prior to a session starting will not be accommodated. If no cabin mate requests are made Lakeview will automatically place campers in a cabin with campers from their own and other churches.

Q. How will my church know that I have registered for camp?
A. During registration you will be able to select what church you are coming with. The church will have the ability to sign in and see who has registered with them but we encourage you to notify your Youth Director and Pastor. You will receive an email notification when your registration is complete.

Q. How do I know if my camper is fully registered?
A. When registration is complete you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not received this email your camper is not fully registered. If you have any questions please contact Peggy Jordan at or 903.538.2711.

Q. How do I pay for Camp?
A. During registration you will select how you want to pay for camp. You can pay with check or credit cards. Your church is able to make payments on your behalf. If you are expecting your church to pay a portion on your behalf please communicate with them. We offer scholarships, if needed please email Peggy Jordan at

Q. When do I need to have Camp paid for?
A. Camp payments must be completed on or before opening day of your session. Final payments can be brought to Peggy on opening day and turned in during check-in.

Q. What is Lakeview Bucks?
A. Lakeview Bucks is a card that parents can preload with money so that campers do not need to carry cash while at camp. Lakeview Bucks cards can be used at all Lakeview retail locations. Cards are purchased online here and given to campers during check-in. We recommend $30-$40 per camper. This allows campers to buy ice cream, snack or candy each day and a souvenir out of the camp store or snack shack. When ordering Lakeview Bucks please remember:
1. Only online orders paid by credit card via our online bucks order portal will be accepted
2. We guarantee processing and delivery of cards ordered before 11:59PM the Wednesday before camp starts. Cards ordered by this deadline will be delivered to the camper at check-in on Sunday.
3. Any orders received after the deadline are not guaranteed for processing and delivery
4. Bucks cards can be used at Lakeview owned and operated retail areas.
5. Adding money to an existing Bucks card can be made by phone with credit card; the gift shop staff will process these calls M-W, 10am – 4:30pm; Th. 10am – noon.

Q. Does Lakeview sell care packages?
A. Yes, they can be purchased online here. They will be given to the camper on Monday. Only online orders paid by credit card via our online order portal will be accepted. We guarantee processing and delivery of care packs ordered before 11:59pm on the Wednesday before camp starts. Any orders received after the deadline are not guaranteed for processing and delivery.

Q. Does Lakeview take pictures during camp?
A. Yes, we have photographers that take and post pictures on “Waldo” for camper families to view. You can find directions on how to sign up in the “Parent Guide”.

Q. Does Lakeview offer financial assistance?
A. Yes, you can find our scholarship application and directions on our website. Scholarships are given on a first come first served basis, so apply early. You can find our scholarship application here.

Q. If my session is full or I miss the registration deadline, does Lakeview have a waitlist?
A. Yes, you can add yourself to the waitlist by emailing Peggy Jordan at We will start contacting waitlisted campers on Monday of the session to fill any open spots. Campers will be contacted in the order that they are on the list. Please do not come to camp until you have been contacted by a Lakeview staff member.

Q. Are campers able to bring cell phones to Lakeview?
A. No, we want campers to connect and be able to experience all that camp has to offer without the distractions that can come with cell phones. If a camper comes with a phone, it will be collected on opening day and stored in the camp safe until closing day.

Q. When do campers check in?
A. Campers can check in anytime from 4:00-6:00 pm on the Sunday of their session.

Q. When do adults check in?
A. Volunteers can check in anytime from 1:00-3:00 pm on the Sunday of their session.

Q. How do I pick my camper up early?
A. If you need to pick your camper up early, please email Peggy Jordan at When picking your camper up you will check them out at Peggy’s office. After hours checkouts will be done in the infirmary.

Q. Can campers receive mail while at Lakeview?
A. Yes, you can send campers mail while at camp. Please make sure that mail will arrive at Lakeview before Thursday of your camper’s session. Send camper mail to:

Campers Name
Session #, Grade
400 Private Road 6036
Palestine, TX 75801

Q. What do I do if my camper lost something while at Lakeview?
A. You can call 903.538.2711 to inquire about any lost items. Once the items are found we will make arrangements to get them back to you. If you need something mailed to you it will be at your expense.

Q. What is Lakeview’s refund/cancellation policy?
A. We offer a full refund for any reason if we are notified of a cancellation more than 4 weeks prior to opening day of the session. If a camper cancels between 4 and 2 weeks prior to the session starting, a 50% refund of the total cost of camp is available. If a camper cancels within 2 weeks of the session starting, no refund will be issued. Lakeview will offer a full refund prior to a camper checking into camp if the camper cannot attend for a medical reason (doctor’s note required) or a death in the family. If a camper is required to leave during the session because of medical reasons or a death, a 50% refund is available.

Q. How do I make changes to my camper’s information?
A. You can log into your account anytime to update information or make changes. If you need to make any changes after your camper’s session has started please call the camp office at 903.538.2711 and talk to Peggy.

Q. When do volunteers need to complete Train Right?
A. All trainings must be completed two weeks before coming to camp.

Q. What are Lakeview’s infirmary/medical procedures?
A. Lakeview follows all state requirements and policies. This includes the safe handling, disbursement and storage of medication by our nursing staff. Upon arrival all campers go through a quick medical screening that includes temperature and lice check. If you need more information about our infirmary or how to check in medication you can find details in the parent guide.