Lakeview Bucks

Welcome to the Lakeview Bucks and Care Packs Program!

About Lakeview Bucks and Care Packs

The Lakeview Bucks Program has changed! Now you can setup your store account directly through registration for summer camp.  The new program allows parents to add money to the camper’s store account at any time simply by logging in to the same portal where camper registrations are processed.  At any time, the parent can view the account to see how their camper is using their store credit.   The parent can even add more money to the account credit during the week of camp.  The addition is immediately accessible to the camper. It’s a safe and easy way for kids to have some spending money at camp without the worry of handling or losing cash.

More Information About the Store Account
1. Add money to the store account during registration.
2. You can check the account balance and add more money to it any time by logging in to your registration account.
3. Campers access their account using their nametag which has the barcode linked to their store account.
4. Funds on the store account can be used at all 3 of our retail locations on camp.

Lakeview Care Packs are still available for purchase at $30 each (this includes tax).  A Lakeview Care Pack consists of various fun camp items appropriate for your camper. The Care Pack is ordered during the registration process.  Timely orders mean that your camper gets their Care Pack when they check-in the first day of camp.

Contact Lakeview if you have any questions!  903-538-2711

Below is an example of what a Carepack could consist of