Summer Camp 2018 Positions

  • Program Coordinator
  • Aquatics Coordinator
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Program Specialist
  • Counselor
  • Snack Shack
  • Activity Specialist
  • Media Specialist
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Operational Staff Positions

  • Kitchen
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
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Benefits of Working at Lakeview Summer Camp 2018

  • All positions are paid
  • Room and board included
  • Reduced summer expenses
  • Develop hands-on leadership skills
  • Grow spiritually
  • Impact campers for Christ
  • Make lifelong friendships and connections
  • Work with a full-time staff that is focused on your personal development
  • Work is fun
  • Lifelong memories
  • Develop your resume
  • Develop new camp programming

2018 Summer Camp Staff Positions

Program Coordinator

Each age level (elementary, junior high, mid high and senior high) will have a Program Coordinator. This position will be in charge when it comes to age group programming, versus and evening programs. This position will help supervise the team of program specialist in planning, implementing and evaluating all programs. They have duties in many aspects of camp from programming, scheduling, staff recruitment, staff training and staff supervision. We are looking for someone that is outgoing, fun, creative, hardworking and comfortable in front of large groups. This position is part is part of the summer leadership team and is great for someone considering going camp ministry.

Aquatics Coordinator

If it has to do with H2O this position is in charge! They are responsible in all programming at the pool and willy-yak cove. This position will supervise lifeguards. This position has responsibilities in programming, staff recruitment, staff training, staff supervision and overall safety of campers. We are looking for someone that can lead our staff and campers. This position is part of our summer leadership team.

Activity Coordinator

This position will be in charge of all camp activities that don’t happen on the water. This includes, paintball, skeet shooting, fishing, archery and more. This position will help supervise the team of program specialist. They will have duties in many aspects of camp from programming, scheduling, staff recruitment, staff training and staff supervision.

Snack Shack

This position manages and maintains the snack shack and game room. They will work closely with the directors to order all needed supplies. This person needs to have the ability to work around amazing cookies without eating them all.

Program Specialist

This position will work as a team, under the Program Coordinator, to plan and implement all age level programming. This includes evening programs, versus and options. They may serve as cabin counselors if needed. If you are outgoing and like working (aka playing) with kids this is the spot for you. You will need to be able to lead large and small groups of campers.

Activity Specialist

This position has the distinct privilege of getting the best tan at camp. This team of people will serve as lifeguards and high ropes instructors. They will have other responsibilities in programming. We are looking for staff members that are safety minded and have the ability to get the attention of groups of campers. This position is great for someone that enjoys being active!

Media Specialis

Some of the greatest memories a child will have are made at summer camp. This person will get to document the camper experience daily and manage the online photo site so that parents get to enjoy the camp experience with their child! They will also work throughout the summer with the Director of Marketing to create Lakeview promotional videos and materials.